viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012


A riot that loots the shops
While leaving the banks in place
Can’t be called a rebellion
But the most heartbreaking proof
Of the futility of the urban human race

Poverty is in essence
Reactionary without a conscience
The poor wanting to be rich
The poor stomping on each other
Knife fights for a laptop
Post code wars
Smoking gun barrels for a piece of clothing

“If the lost kids woke up” many say
If they forgot for a moment
What the rule of money and the state
Have shoved up their brains
Still too prone to deformity
Perhaps there would be for all
Reasons to hope
For a brighter social moment
A lightning of revolution to cope
With the daily grind, the rat race...
Let it awaken the zombies!!

However all seems to indicate
These kids will become cannon fodder
In the East a totalitarian night arises
Bringing down Europe, US, Britain, the older
Structures of an ailing empire,
War is in the air, tension in the borders.

And there they’ll go
With a job after all
They will probably be
The future cops,
The future soldiers
Years of social engineering
New generation of brainless loners

Purposeful state-manufactured, media brainwashed, gadget loving sheep,
The end of the human race,
As such...
Can we still stop it?.

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